All the features you need to manage classes and events

We know how frustrating class and event management can be if you do not have the right IT set-up. Don’t worry. We have fixed it for you.

Automate your class and event bookings

Culmas makes it easy for customers to book, change, and attend classes. Automate the booking process and enable your teachers to access and edit bookings.

Create Templates and Schedule Events with Ease

Create templates for shows, classes, or services and schedule them with a few clicks. With Culmas, you can save time by setting up your events once and easily publish them whenever you need.

Efficient Staff Scheduling

Offer, schedule, and assign staff to products and services effortlessly. With Culmas, your staff can access the information they need without constant involvement from you.

Check-In and Attendance Made Simple

Track student attendance and guest attendance through the mobile or tablet view. Add notes to classes or shows to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Your all-in-one solution

Browse our set of features

Your Own Branded Storefront

Take control of your online presence with a branded storefront. Showcase your logo, branding, and sell your products and courses securely and effortlessly.

Automated emailing

Say goodbye to manual email communication. Build custom email and communication flows through Culmas and focus on what you love while keeping your students informed.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Take Culmas with you wherever you go. Access our platform from your phone or tablet, ensuring you're always connected to your institution's operations.

Thorough Customer CRM

Understand your customers' journeys with Culmas' thorough user log. Gain insights into their interactions with your business and reach them with a single click.

Integration with Online Venues

Whether you're training online, use Culmas to support your virtual classes. Simply add your Zoom link or any other video link as your venue, and your students will receive it automatically.

Powerful Search Functionality

Locate anything you need with Culmas' quick search feature. Just type in your query and find what you're looking for in an instant.

Magic-Like Experience

Culmas feels like magic, offering you a seamless and intuitive platform. Experience the ease and efficiency of Culmas by scheduling a demo today.

Dedicated Support

At Culmas, we prioritize your success. Reach out to us whenever you need assistance. You support us, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Join Our Global Network

Join our community and connect with other performing arts institutions in our regular admin network meetings. Grow your culture and industry together with Culmas.

Personal Dashboards

Stay organized with personal dashboards that provide easy access to your actions and scheduled events. Always know what's next on your agenda.

Discount Codes

Create personalized discount codes for specific products and templates and control how and where they can be applied.

Custom Checkout Fields

Customize checkout fields to gather the information you need from your customers.

Empower Troupes and Performers

Keep your house teams and troupes in the loop. Schedule them for shows and elevate their brands alongside your own.

Monitor Sales and Finances

Stay on top of your financials with Culmas. Generate comprehensive reports, send invoices, allocate customers to different products, and handle refunds effortlessly.

Integration with Website Platforms

Integrate Culmas easily with popular website platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and more. Alternatively, you can use our storefront for a simple and effective solution.