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Empower culture with digital solutions

Our aim is to empower every performing arts organization with a digital solution, that makes it easier to run and grow your theatre, studio, school or venue. We want you to spend less time in front of the computer and more on bringing arts and culture to your community.

What is Culmas?

Culmas stands for Cultural Management System. We provide a digital solution for the performing arts industry. Our solution has all the tools you need to manage a small or medium sized theatre, dance studio, music venue or school teaching classes in arts and culture.

How we empower Culture with digital solutions.

Many theatres, studios and venues use an array of different digital tools that are not built for their business resulting in complex workflows, manual processes, and messy data.

Culmas exists to remove this digital barrier and enable your performing arts business to grow.

Founded by theatre directors, now working closely with the industry to create better solutions

Culmas was founded by theatre directors who were unsatisfied with the digital solutions that were available to the industry.

Today, we have worked with more than 50 performing arts organizations globally to create a solution that fits our needs.

We're constantly growing our community of organizations in the cultural sector that want to contribute with knowledge and feedback and enable us to build the technology we need to push the industry forward.

We are Culmas

Culmas was founded in 2021 by Simon Lindebjerg and Stefan Pagels Christensen. Today, we have a fast-growing team of skilled designers and software engineers working hard to create better digital solutions for the cultural sector.

CEO & Co-Founder

Simon Lindebjerg

B.Sc. in Interaction Design, Aalborg University, M.Sc. in E-Business, Copenhagen Business School. Simon is an interaction designer by trade and a specialist in designing extraordinary user experiences. Simon is designing the Culmas Software in collaboration with our 20+ early theatre users. Simon trained Improv at the ICC Theatre for 1,5 year and is part of the ICC Talent Pool Programme.

CHO & Co-Founder

Stefan P. Christensen

25 years experience in the Cultural sector, 10 years as an independent teacher, 6 years as an owner of a comedy theatre and school. 6 years of being a consultant training businesses world wide in communication.Stefan now works full time at Culmas to improve cultural institutions administration!Stefan loves. Improv and Golf!

Business Development

Anders Hauerholt

With a BcS in IT and MsC in Operations and Innovation Management, Anders is the newest signing at Culmas, Anders is brought in to expand Culmas into new markets and build our sales and customer service team. He has 5+ years of experience in IT sales.

UX Designer

Kristian ├śllgaard


Aashish Kumar


Maria Ilieva


Oliver Laustsen


Cesare Maio

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