Having been swallowed by the administrative burdens that come along with creating and running a successful smaller cultural institution, we decided we could do better.

We're now building one platform to  facilitate all of your daily administrative tasks, and help you get out of the office and back where you're most needed.

Don't waste time repeating the same tasks

We've developed our Theatre Management System (TMS for our close friends) to reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks. After interviewing some of the biggest improv theatres in the world,  we've created an easy-to-use, fast journey for your theatre to create, manage and facilitate shows and classes. The TMS allows your entire organisation to interact with one system, saving you from spreadsheets, navigating multiple solutions and entering information in more than one place.


Create Templates

Create a template for a show or a class only once, and quickly publish it as many times as you need.


Monitor Your Sales

At all time, you can track how a product is selling, how many tickets are left and who you've sold to.


Be yourself

We offer a pre-made storefront for publishing your products. But you have access to all of your data through an API - to create your own if needed.

Wanna see a demo? Share your challenges?

We value community and your inputs. We're also creating a community of entrepreneurs sharing the same problems and interests. We're doing webinars, tips and giving you a platform to exchange with other improv theatres across the globe. Or we can show you our solution live!

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We are already trusted by 45+ institutions

Culmas is like if the bestest computer nerds and the bestest arts administrators in the world came together to design the perfect software for a theater like iO to use. It eliminates so many redundancies, is intuitive, user-friendly AND if I ask for a function our friends at Culmas figure out a way to make it happen. I find this software V HOT."
-Rachael Mason, Director of Education- iO Theater
"Culmas seems to include the vast majority of administrative processes we currently have manually at our theater. But it does it all automatically. AND ON TOP OF THAT, some features that we didn't even know we needed, and will help us immensely! This has potential to be a game changer in the sustainability of an educational and/or theatrical business!"
- Menelaos ImproVibe Greece
"This product is an improvisers dream. Every detail of it is so thoughtful and it’s clear that the developers know theaters managing side inside out. I can see all the time it will save me and my team - can’t wait to grow my improv sharing capacity."
- Kaspars Breidaks, Improv Comedy Riga and Riga Improv Festival
"I was hoping for a solution to allow people to purchase tickets in advance and register for classes. What you're creating is INFINITELY more valuable. This app offloads some of the organizational responsibility to an app, which is exactly what I need. Not having to send out a notification for a certain class or to reach out to individual teachers for their availability will be a lifesaver. In addition, the data that I'll be able to gather about my business will be invaluable."
- Michael Bradt, The BIT Theatre USA

The Journey

The Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre started in 2016. As the theatre grew more successful, so did the administrative requirements. In fact they grew to such a size that the founders could no longer practice their improv passion.
With time we decided no more.
In November 2020 we built a prototype for a digital theatre management system specifically for improv theatres
We showed the prototype to theatre owners and we will humbly say that we struck a palpable need.

Every single theatre we spoke to expressed a desire to use our coming product

We went to investors and pitched a business plan.
We agreed to terms with a pair and secured funds to develop a product able to meet the needs of theatres.

January 2021

Here we are; at the foot of a steep climb. The start of an exhilarating journey. We have the tools we need and a reliable map towards our destination. What's next is to put one foot in front of the other.
Nice and steady.
We are working closely with seven theatres in the initial phases to put together a backlog of features. This collaboration means we can create a product that captures and tackles both the deeper, nuanced challenges that exist specifically at a single theatre and the breadth of generic challenges that every theatre experiences.
This meticulous process has another effect. We cannot onboard everyone who wants to join all at once.
We're therefore doing it in cohorts. We aim at onboarding theatres who sign up now in late August.
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June 2021

More than 45 international theatres are now signed up to use Culmas Theatre Management System. We've established a closed theatre management user-research community, from where we collect insights and feedback on the processes of Improv Theatre Management.
First theatres will be onboarded in early June, and then the rest will follow, our development team will follow this process carefully ensuring that each theatre will be onboarded in a smooth and efficient manner.