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ICC theatre

It's a pleasure to be able to work in a system, where all processes seem completely designed for what we do. We're always excited when they release new features.

Fotini Moustakli, Admin at ICC Theatre
IO theatre

Culmas is like if the bestest computer nerds and the bestest arts administrators in the world came together to design the perfect software for a theater like iO to use.100% recommend.

Rachael Mason, Director of Education
The Free Association

We just switched to Culmas, and it has already done wonders for our class sales in the first term after switching!

Alex Holland, Headteacher
What we are

The no1 digital solution for the Performing Arts

Culmas is a digital solution built for performing arts organizations. Our platform does all the heavy lifting of running a successful business from arts and culture.

One unified solution

Do you use an array of different software to manage your theatre, school or studio? We have everything you need in one platform.

Simple and smooth

Unlike many administration systems, our interface does not look like something from the 90s. We make management simple and easy.

Made by the industry

Founded by theatre directors on a mission to create better digital solutions for the industry. Supported by a global community.

Dedicated support

All the training and support you need at no extra cost. We make sure that everyone can use our platform.

What we are

Do you manage a small or medium-sized theatre, venue, studio or school?
Learn how we create value.

We love performing arts, not high fees

No charge to you

Easily set your own fees, and pass fees on your customers

Flat Service Fee

Selling services for $ +10.000 / month? Then TMS Core will save you $30 for every $1.000 revenue

Free shows and classes are free

Host as many free events as you like without any charge at all.

We empower the Performing Arts to bring more culture to local communities.

Compared to other industries, the cultural sector lags in digitizing their businesses. We are here to empower small and medium-sized organizations in arts and culture to keep up with the digital transformation. With Culmas, more theatres, studios and venues can build a better business and bring more culture to their communities.