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October 19, 2023

Feature update: Student refunds and class changes

Effortless Student Management: How Culmas Simplifies Class Changes and Refunds in Just 3 Clicks

Student management can be a daunting task for cultural institutions, theaters, and performing arts schools. Keeping track of class enrollments, handling class changes, and processing refunds can quickly become a logistical nightmare. However, with Culmas, these challenges melt away with just three simple clicks.

Streamlining Student Management

Culmas understands the importance of efficient student management for administrators and educators alike. Whether it's accommodating class changes, handling refunds, or ensuring seamless recurring payments, Culmas offers a solution that's both intuitive and powerful.

Three Simple, But Powerfull Features

Here's how Culmas simplifies student management in three clicks:

  1. Move Students with Ease: Need to move a student from one class to another? With Culmas, it's as easy as selecting the student, choosing the new class, and confirming the move. The system takes care of the rest, automatically updating availability on the product where the students has been moved from and notifying the waitlist if it's activated.The student will automatically get an email confirming the move.
  2. Swift Refunds: Refunding a purchase is just as straightforward. Select the student, identify the purchase to be refunded, and click to confirm. Culmas handles the financial details, and the student is promptly refunded.
  3. Automated Recurring Payments: For students on recurring payment plans, Culmas ensures that changes are hassle-free. If a student's class change affects the price, the system automatically updates the payment amount for the following month. It's that simple.

The time we're saving on student management now is crazy. Such simple tasks used to take us forever. - Presens Impro Klub, Sweden

The Culmas Advantage

Culmas is more than just an event management platform; it's a partner in simplifying administrative tasks. With Culmas, administrators can:

  • Save Time: No more navigating through complex processes or spreadsheets. Culmas streamlines student management, allowing administrators to focus on more meaningful tasks.
  • Enhance User Experience: For students, the process is seamless. Whether they're changing classes or receiving refunds, Culmas ensures a user-friendly experience.
  • Minimize Errors: Automated processes reduce the risk of manual errors, ensuring accurate class changes, refunds, and payment updates.

Ready to Transform Student Management?

Say goodbye to the headaches of student management and hello to a streamlined, efficient process with Culmas. Join the community of institutions and schools that rely on Culmas to simplify their administrative tasks.

To learn more about how Culmas can enhance your student management, reach out to our support team. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring that student management becomes a breeze.

With Culmas, it's about more than just managing students; it's about making student management effortless in just three clicks. Try it today and experience the Culmas difference.


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