Culmas Cultural start-up school

Are you looking to start a school or performance venue for culture? Are you motivated and want to learn from others who already went on that path? Would you like to be part of a support network of other international institutions within your industry? 

If so apply to join the Culmas Start-up school for Cultural businesses here. A 3-month programme designed to help you get an overview of your own business strategy, marketing strategy, communication, budgets, systems and processes to take you from where you are now, to where you desire to be.

In the past two years at Culmas we've studied the methods and processes from some of the worlds leading cultural institutions, through hundreds of interviews we've identified what the common challenges are in starting and scaling a cultural institution.

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The Start-up school is designed to give you space for reflection, concrete actions and workshops, while providing you with fundamental understandings of business metrics, Social Media advertising, communication and execution.

With industry leading mentors attached to the programme you'll get first hand feedback on your work, and be able to take your dream from idea to implementation after the course.

Join our intro meeting on March 27th at 4pm Central European Time and hear about our ambitions.

After the intro meeting, we will accept applications from interested participants to join, the fist Cohort is limited to 16 institutions.
We recommend that you will join the course together with other stakeholders in your institutions.