Building the future of Cultural Management Systems

Culmas, which stands for Cultural Management Systems, was founded in 2021 by Simon Lindebjerg and Stefan Pagels Christensen.

Culmas started as an idea between to friends who met during Improv classes. Both of them found challenges with planning and participating in improv classes, Stefan as a theatre owner and improv teacher, Simon as an improv student.

During 2020 they set out to find a platform that could solve this problem and unfortunately their was not a single platform solution which could solve the multiple challenges, was easy to use, and relieve Stefan for hours of administrative tasks, planning and scheduling.

Simon, coming from an IT and Design background made the first steps in creating a prototype, and Stefan being the founder of Improv Comedy Copenhagen, could be the first real life client to use and test the system.

By 2021 the first investors joined the project and Culmas has since grown to a small company, with eight full time employees, working on continually building, improving and scaling the platform to solve even more challenges for our costumers.

Culmas has started as a costumer centric company and our mission is to never change from that. We believe that putting our clients challenges as our top priority will be our main driver for organic growth into new markets, and enable us to help others.

Culmas today

We have more than 40 cultural institutions within Improv theatres and five festivals from nine different countries, signed up to use our software.

We see our software having potential to free other cultural institutions from their administrative burden too, and so becoming a software suite for any theaters, events or smaller company within the cultural sector globally.

Vision, Mission and Values

We want to create Less Admin, More Culture. - And so we constantly seek to understand our customers pains, and identify where friction comes from in their day to day processes. So we can build solutions that function at scale.

Our vision is to give back to the cultural sector, we want to contribute to the community by providing financial support and deliver the technological infrastructure to global and local cultural festivals, and thereby help people to experience a richer cultural life in their communities.

Our values are build on the principles of IMPROV. We want to have an organisation built on trust and support, where everyone feels included and diversity is in the center of everything that we do.
The Culmas team is trained in the principles of improv, as we believe that it will provide a culture of open and inclusive communication.

Meet your new friends

At Culmas we want to know our users, and we're working closely together with you to build the Cultural management system of your dreams. We are looking forward to meeting you!

CEO & Co-Founder

B.Sc. in Interaction Design, Aalborg University, M.Sc. in E-Business, Copenhagen Business School. Simon is an interaction designer by trade and a specialist in designing extraordinary user experiences. Simon is designing the Culmas Software in collaboration with our 20+ early theatre users. Simon trained Improv at the ICC Theatre for 1,5 year and is part of the ICC Talent Pool Programme.

CHO & Co-Founder

25 years experience in the Cultural sector, 10 years as an independent teacher, 6 years as an owner of a comedy theatre and school. 6 years of being a consultant training businesses world wide in communication.

Stefan now works full time at Culmas to improve cultural institutions administration!

Stefan loves. Improv and Golf!

Backend Developer

Oliver studied Computer Software Engineering at the IT University of Copenhagen. He loves gaming and was responsible for the E-sport teams at CMHS. When he's not spending time in front of a computer he enjoys Bouldering.

Backend Developer

Bachelor of Technology from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi, Master in Computer Science at The University of Copenhagen. Passionate about Software development and UI/UX design. Aashish has extensive knowledge of web and mobile technologies, agile development processes, test-driven development and git. Aashish enjoys dancing in his sparetime.

Frontend Developer

Maria is a Computer Science AP graduate from KEA, Copenhagen School of Design in Technology, with a top-up degree in Software Development. Maria is a highly motivated and dedicated team player. Maria loves to take photographs and pictures of everything that inspires her.

UX Designer

B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Interaction Design from Aalborg University. Loves solving complex challenges for users, being an enabler of their full potential. Kristian has been with Culmas since October 2022.

Business Development

With a BcS in IT and MsC in Operations and Innovation Management, Anders is the newest signing at Culmas, Anders is brought in to expand Culmas into new markets and build our sales and customer service team. He has 5+ years of experience in IT sales.

We want to build our company on the values of Improv

We value creativity, inclusion and diversity, and we believe that by coming together as one, we'll be able to meet any challenges on our way towards success.
We're not just building a software solution, we want to contribute to the cultural ecosystem, and provide a sustainable and efficient solution for our customers, to create Less Admin, More Culture.