Culmas, which stands for Cultural Management Systems, was founded in 2021 by Simon Lindebjerg and Stefan Pagels Andersen.
2016 - Creation of the ICC
The Improv Comedy Copenhagen started in . As the theatre grew more successful, so did the administrative requirements. In fact they grew to such a size that the founders could no longer practice theirpassion for improv.
Octobre 2020 - First Software Prototype
We looked at a digital solution to free people from their administrative tasks. We built a prototype for a digital theatre management system specifically for improv theatres.We showed the prototype to theatre owners and we will humbly say that we struck a palpable need.
January 2021 - Culmas is Created
We went to investors and pitched a business plan. We agreed to terms with a pair and secured funds to develop a product able to meet the needs of theatres.
We're proud of our story. Everything started from a conversation with a theatre owner, and we've kept it open ever since. We have always put our users and their problems at the center of our business. Our team has grown with 4 devs and 2 UX designers, and we're looking forward to welcome new people.

Work at Culmas

At Culmas, we're building software for small and large cultural institutions, starting in the theatre industry. We are in the early stages. We've raised funding on a prototype and have runway for about a year and a half.

We have more than 40 theatres and five festivals from nine different countries, signed up to use our software. We see our software having potential to free other cultural institutions from their administrative burden, and so becoming a software suite for any smaller company within culture.

Culmas did spawned out of the Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre. We value creativity and humour highly. We’re continuously striving to make the office a place full of motivation where ideas and inputs are welcome, and reflect our culture in our software.

Simon Lindebjerg
Managing Partner, System design, UX

B.Sc. in Interaction Design, Aalborg University, M.Sc. in E-Business, Copenhagen Business School. Simon is an interaction designer by trade and a specialist in designing extraordinary user experiences. Simon is designing the Culmas Software in collaboration with our 20+ early theatre users. Simon trained Improv at the ICC Theatre for 1,5 year and is part of the ICC Talent Pool Programme.

Stefan Pagels Andersen
Managing Partner, Customer Relations

Stefan is the Co-founder of ICC Theatre, and his experience and challenges encountered from running ICC since 2016, lead to founding Culmas together with Simon. Stefan is responsible for client relationships, and customer success, guiding cultural institutions in how to optimize and grow their business with the help of Culmas. Stefan has been working with film, theatre and improv for more than 20 years. He loves to perform, entertain and play golf.

Aashish Kumar

Bachelor of Technology from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi, and about to finish his Master in Computer Science at The University of Copenhagen. Passionate about Software development and UI/UX design. Aashish has extensive knowledge of web and mobile technologies, agile development processes, test-driven development and git. Aashish enjoys dancing in his sparetime.

Maria Ilieva

Maria is a Computer Science AP graduate from KEA, Copenhagen School of Design in Technology, with a top-up degree in Software Development. Maria is a highly motivated and dedicated team player. Maria loves to take photographs and pictures of everything that inspires her.

Oliver Laustsen

Oliver studies Computer Software Engineering at the IT University of Copenhagen. And works as a teacher assistant at Copenhagen Media High School. He loves gaming and was responsible for the E-sport teams at CMHS. When he's not spending time in front of a computer he enjoys Bouldering, which is a free rock climbing sport.

Magnus Lisbjerg
UX Designer

Magnus has a bachelor's degree in Communication and IT, and a master's degree in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies. Magnus cares a lot about understanding user needs, and balancing the complexities that follows.
Outside of work, he plays chess and loves books, movies and music.